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About Anthony

Born, did fairly well at school, 3 years at college and didn't go to uni. Grew a passion for technology and engineering somewhere in between.


When not buried in something electronic or covered in engine oil, Anthony enjoys all things Mountain Bike related, Golf and has an obsession with Formula 1. 


After growing up around workshops, vehicle parts and tools, Oil entered his bloodstream. Anthony enjoys building, fabricating, taking apart, fixing and tweaking. Be it Cars, Furniture, Buildings or anything in between. 


From an early age, Anthony grew a keen interest in Computing. Over the years, this developed and included a much wider range of technology. As a hobby grew into a career, a number of brainchild projects entered planning. 

Anthony took a leap of faith in 2013, launching his own UK Limited Company. This company now oversees the projects. 


He also has no problem speaking of himself in the third person. 



I do, however, have trouble telling people what I am good and bad at. In business terms, I have a very weak SWOT analysis. So here is and attempt at one of those:

 SWOT Analysis


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Shut up, release it and take my money: 3 days ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Good to read @RichardHammond is OK. He does crash in big ways. 2 weeks ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
I've had some "ooh fuck" moments with IT before, but I've never killed an airlines entire data centre. #BA #TurnItOffAndOnAgain 3 weeks ago
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RT @DanNerdCubed: I believe coalitions are what we should always be aiming for. Represents more of the people like a good government should… 4 weeks ago