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From time to time, I may upload photographs of projects, or things of interest to me. Here are some randomly selected snaps. For the whole collection, be sure to check my flickr account.


avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Shut up, release it and take my money: 3 days ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Good to read @RichardHammond is OK. He does crash in big ways. 2 weeks ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
I've had some "ooh fuck" moments with IT before, but I've never killed an airlines entire data centre. #BA #TurnItOffAndOnAgain 3 weeks ago
avatar Daniel Hardcastle @DanNerdCubed
RT @DanNerdCubed: I believe coalitions are what we should always be aiming for. Represents more of the people like a good government should… 4 weeks ago