Anthony Birkett


This is a list of projects I am currently working on in some capacity. Some are single man efforts, others I am working as part of a team. 


IT Lincs Ltd 

My Project Company and front for personal business activities


Tantalum Customs 

Custom built PC's and hardware modding


The Live Home 

Internet connected devices and systems for a standardised Smart Home infrastructure URL shortner

Simple web service and directory for short URL's


Mani Admin Plugin 

Source Engine game server administration plugin

avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Shut up, release it and take my money: 3 days ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Good to read @RichardHammond is OK. He does crash in big ways. 2 weeks ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
I've had some "ooh fuck" moments with IT before, but I've never killed an airlines entire data centre. #BA #TurnItOffAndOnAgain 3 weeks ago
avatar Daniel Hardcastle @DanNerdCubed
RT @DanNerdCubed: I believe coalitions are what we should always be aiming for. Represents more of the people like a good government should… 4 weeks ago