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Thursday 17th April 2014

It seems like such a long time ago when I actually had a website. This domain has been through various incarnations since 2006, eventually hosting a place-holder page from 2009 to 2013. I just didn't have the need for anything more. 

Things changed. Now I needed a hub to share my work, and occasionally, thoughts. It was time to regain some presence. 


I looked at WordPress (used here in 2006), Drupal and even the old e107 (loads of experience with this one back in the day!). But, if you have already read my About Me Page, you know I'm not one for off the shelf solutions. 

So I built a basic CMS and Blog system. I like it. It's clean, simple and easy to expand if needed. The whole site is less than 1500 lines of code, about 75% PHP. I'm going to be calling in some help from a friend for the fancier graphics and arty stuff!


Over the next few days, I will be posting up some of my old posts which are relevant. A bit of a blast from the past to launch with.


So, Hello World, and welcome. I do hope there will be something interesting here for you!


Posted by Anthony on Thursday 17th April 2014

A quick test comment to make sure we are up and running!

Posted by Anthony on Friday 27th March 2015

Another quick test to make sure everything is working after the upgrade!

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