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Open Sourcing some projects

Saturday 28th March 2015

This year, I have a personal goal set - to open source the majority of my projects.

I realised that, for a programmer, I had very little public code. Especially for a programmer who supports OSS.


The process began last year with my CloudFlare Dynamic DNS client. That is maturing rather nicely now, having spent some time with it earlier this month. More blogging to follow on that one.

This week, I re-wrote my internal tool for running any Windows program as a service. This will be familiar to anyone who has used "srvany.exe" from the W2K3 Resource Kit. Srvany-ng is my drop in replacement.

More interesting, and challenging for me though - is Open Sourcing my website. This one. 


I also operate my own URL shortner ( - that has been a much smaller project, and much easier to open up to the public. A lab rat.

Some lessons were learnt during the process, most importantly: don't add production config files to the repository! Luckily, that was nothing "git rebase" couldn't fix.


So, as of this post. I officially announce this website to be an Open Source project. Check it out on GitHub.

I encourage anyone and everyone to dig into my code. Everything is MIT licensed, meaning there's little to no restrictions on use. I only ask that, if you have a bug fix or feature you have added, please consider issuing a pull request. 


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