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Dell (DCS) C6100 Firmware update process

Thursday 27th October 2016

For those with the DCS variant of the C6100, you have likely already found out - it does not support firmware updates available on the Dell Support site.


Well - it does. In some scenarios.

My machines are very similar, if not identical to the retail C6100. There are variants out there, which are radically different. If you have a machine that doesn't match the spec of a C6100 - DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS.

You need to flash each component individually through DOS, with a couple of reboots throughout the process.


1) Download the BIOS (1.71), BMC (1.33) and FCB (1.20) firmware from the Dell Support site. Make sure to download the DOS copies.

2) Extract each download onto a bootable FreeDOS USB Drive.

3) Power up a node, and boot from the USB drive. (You may need to select Hard Drive emulation, under BIOS -> Advanced -> USB Configuration)

4) Flash the BMC, with the Dell supplied script (flash8.bat).

5) Power off the server. Completely, pull the power.

6) Power on the server, wait a couple of minutes for the BMC to wake up.

7) Enter the BIOS, under Server -> IPMI Configuration, make sure your network details are correct (use Dedicated NIC is an important one in my environment).

8) Boot off the USB drive again, and cd to the BIOS update folder.

9) Manual flash command: afudos.exe 6100v171.rom /p /b /n /x /c

10) Reboot, no need to power off.

11) Enter BIOS, set everything back up.

12) One last boot to the USB drive, and flash the FBC firmware using the supplied script (FBC.BAT).

13) Reboot. Done.


This has worked for me on 2 chassis, and 8 nodes - of which, the service tags are not found on the Dell Support site.

Original BIOS: 1.44

Original BMC: 1.13


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