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Wednesday 18th June 2014

I don't write code once, I write it 5 times, through iteration. 

This applies to everything, PHP, C++, even Batch.


1st time: Make something that works. 

This is the best code in the world, because it works. 


2nd time: Make it safe.

This is the new best code in the world, because it works, and doesn't have any massive security flaws. 


3rd time: Make it fast.

Now we have awesome code, it's working, it's safe and it's efficient. 


4th time: Make it readable.

I'm really good at writing poorly formatted code. When I get to the 4th iteration, I fix that. 


5th time: Future thinking.

Code needs to be easy to modify. If I forgot about an interface somewhere, or hard coded something that should ideally be user changeable, it gets sorted. 


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