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Tips for running CyanogenMod on a Galaxy S (i9000)

Thursday 03rd July 2014


CyanogenMod is fantastic. Android 4.4 on an old device works perfectly well, with a few tweaks:


  • Don't flash Google Apps. Side load only the Play store, then install anything else you need later. 
  • Disable the voice search: Settings->Apps->All and disable "Sound Search for Google Play". This was causing me no end of trouble. 
  • Disable KSM. Settings->Performance->Memory Management->Kernel Samepage Merging. KSMD was killing the CPU for me (15% usage, all the time).
  • Set the I/O Scheduler and Processor Governor. Settings->Performance. I/O Scheduler set to NOOP, feels much snappier. Processor Governor set to Interactive. You can also up the maximum clock speed to 1.2ghz from here.
  • Set up ART (Android Runtime) instead of Dalvik. Settings->Developer Options->Select Runtime->Use ART.
  • Disable Facebook notifications. Facebook->App Settings->Turn it all off. Not only is it annoying, it destroyed my battery.
  • Reduce the animation timescales, Settings->Developer options->Transition, Animator and Duration scale to 0.5x


I can't say if all of this is good advice, maybe it isn't! But it's working out great for me.


I'm now officially on an Android adventure. I would love to get a more modern kernel running for the i9000 (and the other devices that share the Aries platform). Currently, 3.0.101 is the end of the road, but I think with some hacking, 3.10 should work (Google AOSP have a 3.10.x branch). 


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