Anthony Birkett


This is a list of projects I am currently working on in some capacity. Some are single man efforts, others I am working as part of a team. 


IT Lincs Ltd 

My Project Company and front for personal business activities


Tantalum Customs 

Custom built PC's and hardware modding


The Live Home 

Internet connected devices and systems for a standardised Smart Home infrastructure URL shortner

Simple web service and directory for short URL's


Mani Admin Plugin 

Source Engine game server administration plugin

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Highlights of the last 3 months, work, sleep, beer, mountain. See you in 3 months. 3 months ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Mag alloy mid frame to hold the system board. Won't find one of these in your 399 Acer. #ThinkPadEngineering 5 months ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Insider on the TSB meldtown, can confirm this guy is legit, true developer language: “This turned what was a super-… 7 months ago
avatar Anthony Birkett @birkett26
Birthday planning well under way. Arrive early, get bev's, eat pan fried Sea Bass. 8 months ago